• What is a Kaftan Kurti?

    A kaftan Kurti is a type of Kurti that has become very popular among all of us girls. And how could we girls not love it? There are both short as well as Kaftan long Kurtis.

    Kaftan Kurtis, unlike the regular Kurtis, are made of very lightweight materials and have loose-fitting, flowy, and relaxed styles, making them super comfortable with such unique designs. 

    While the short ones go amazing with various lowers, the long ones with their ankle-length design make you look even more traditional. And which guy doesn’t love his girl in a formal dress? 

    So let us discuss the difference between Kaftan kurtis and other Kurtis for a better comparison.

    Difference between the Kaftan kurti and other Kurtis.

    Aspect Kaftan Kurti Kurti
    Origin Middle Eastern and North African Indian and South Asian
    Style Loose-fitting, flowy, and relaxed Varies in fit (can be fitted or loose)
    Length Generally longer, often ankle-length Varies in length (short, knee-length, or longer)
    Sleeves Wide and flowing sleeves Sleeves can be of different styles (full, half, or sleeveless)
    Neckline Usually V-neck or round neckline Various necklines (round, V-neck, scoop, etc.)
    Fabric Typically made from lightweight materials like chiffon or silk Can be made from a wide range of fabrics
    Occasion Often worn as a casual or resort wear Worn in casual, formal, or traditional settings
    Embellishments May have minimal embellishments Can be heavily embroidered, printed, or embellished
    Cultural Significance Associated with Middle Eastern and North African cultures Traditional attire in South Asian cultures, especially India


    As you can see in the table above, from the origin to the material, designs and even lengths it is so much different from the regular Kurtis and just look at these pictures how beautiful these look. 


    While the Indian and South Asian Kurtis have their own beauty that cannot be ignored but to be very truthful a girl's wardrobe is damn incomplete without a few Kaftan kurtis.

    The craze of Kaftan Kurtis started during the COVID-19 times when everyone was stuck in their houses during the lockdown and every woman was looking for something simple yet stylish, something cool chic type but also super comfortable. That was the time when Kaftan kurti became super popular all around the world.

    Even famous celebrities loved it as you can see in the pictures below.

    From Katrina, Deepika, and Malaika, to even Kareena during her pregnancy, everyone loved it and it soon became a fashion trend that has yet not gone out of fashion.

    Top 7 Benefits of Kaftan long Kurtis:

    1. Comfort

    Loose and relaxed fit, ideal for all body types and sizes. While the other Kurtis’ fit varies; and may be less comfortable for some body types.

    2. Versatility

    Kaftan Kurtis are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. While other Kurtis are often designed for specific occasions, limiting versatility.

    3. Style

    Kaftani Kurtis are unique and trendy, often featuring bold prints and patterns but the regular kurtis’ style can vary but may not always be as distinctive and unique.

    4. Ease of Wear

    Kaftans are super easy to slip on and off; no need for intricate fastenings while other kurtis may require zippers, buttons, or ties, making them less convenient.

    5. Modest and traditional look

    Even the short Kaftans look modest with the right pairs but the Kaftan long Kurtis look very traditional, with decent and modest coverage with a flowing silhouette for occasions where you want to look sweet, simple and beautiful.

    6. Cooling

    Breathable and airy, suitable for hot weather. Some may have heavier fabrics that are less suitable for heat.

    7. Comfort in Pregnancy

    Comfortable during pregnancy due to loose fit. Some Kaftans may not accommodate a growing belly comfortably especially those tighter around the waist but the Kaftan long Kurtis that are loose around the waist will become your favorite as at times you can skip wearing lowers.

    How to choose the perfect Kaftan long kurti as per your body type?

    Kaftan Kurtis come in various types and sizes and choosing the perfect one for your body type can be tricky sometimes. Here are some tips on how to do so.

    Know your body type:

    What is your breast-waist-hip ratio? As per that, your body can be categorized into 5 types shown in the picture. Inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, hourglass, and oval-shaped.

    1. Inverted triangle

    Broad shoulders, narrower waist, and hip area

    Choose Kaftani Kurtis that take away from your shoulders, such as V-necklines and A-line or empire waist designs. These will create an illusion of a balanced proportion.

    2. Rectangle

    Shoulder, waist, and hip width are equal.

    You can play with many styles. If you want to look more curvy then clinched waist Kaftanis will look great, and you can also use belts for the same purpose.

    3. Triangle or pear-shaped

    Narrow shoulder, wider hip.

    Choosing A-line or empire waist designs will help you balance the proportions. You can play with dark and light colors that will help you draw attention away from your hips if you want.

    4. Hourglass

    Shoulders and hips the same size with thinner waists.

    Show off your curves with a cinched waist, belts, or any other that naturally flaunts your curves.

    5. Oval-shaped

    Prefer loose Kaftanis that are comfortable. If you want to take their eyes off of your belly then choose a V-neck Kaftani that will create the illusion of a longer upper body.

    Styling Tips for Kaftan long Kurtis


    Add a statement belt for a defined waistline and consider metallic, fibber, or braided belts.


    Sandals or slip-ons for casual looks and heels or wedges for dressier occasions.


    Wear a contrasting tank top or camisole underneath and add a light jacket or kimono for versatility.


    Long necklaces, statement earrings, and bangles but avoid overloading; choose a focal point.


    Choose patterns and shades to suit your style. Bright colors for summer, and darker hues for fall look pretty great.


    Match your hairstyle to the neckline and style. You can include buns, waves, or ponytails.


    Natural makeup for daytime and bold for evenings. Don’t forget to adjust to the occasion and outfit style.

    Bag Choice:

    Clutch or handbag for a polished look and crossbody or tote for casual outings.


    Wear your kaftan long kurti with confidence, and comfort because confidence is the best accessory.

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